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Content is King II

Every single Internet Marketer out there needs a good article spinning tool — you can never have too much quality content when it comes to marketing, right? Well, Spin Rewriter is the best article spinner out there. And because it’s the best, it sells like crazy…

In fact, Spin Rewriter has done over $10,400,000 in sales already! Talk about an evergreen, top-quality, high-converting product with raving customers!

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of raving customers… Feel free to check out the Testimonials page with over 600 testimonials from real people with real names and real photos next to them. All these people love Spin Rewriter so much they sent us their testimonials completely on their own.

How cool is that?!

Grab your WordPress License & you’ll make
all of your blogs run automatically!

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You Can Use Spin Rewriter To Run All Of Your Blogs Automatically!

With the Spin Rewriter WordPress License you can have ALL of the content for ALL of your websites created automatically, forever.

Spin Rewriter WordPress License

Benefit #1:
Access To The Official Spin Rewriter WordPress Plugin

You’re getting our official Spin Rewriter WordPress Plugin that you can install on an unlimited number of websites.

The plugin comes with 4 extremely powerful features that will keep your websites full of unique content at all times:

WP Plugin Feature #1: Automatically Spin & Republish Old Posts

As soon as your posts reach a certain age (e.g. 7 days, or 3 weeks, or 2 months), this plugin will use the full power of Spin Rewriter’s ENL Semantic Spinning technology to spin them and republish them as brand new posts.WP Plugin Feature #1

Spin Rewriter WordPress Plugin automatically spins and re-publishes your old posts

WP Plugin Feature #2: Automatically Fetch New Unique Posts

This plugin can also find relevant articles for your websites, completely on auto-pilot. It will then spin and publish those relevant articles as brand new posts. You can simply pick how many new posts you want automatically added to your WordPress websites — from multiple new posts a day, to just one post a month.WP Plugin Feature #2

Our plugin automatically finds, spins and publishes relevant articles to your websites

The Awesome Power of Features 1 & 2 Together:
These 2 features together will keep all of your WordPress websites always full of new & unique relevant content, automatically. As a result Google won’t be able to help

Content plus marketing savy equals cash

Content is King

Visual Content

Top AI Software To Earn Cash

Did you know finding, creating and posting content that your audience wants, is time-consuming and can get very expensive?

Yes, you can curate other people’s content, get THEM likes, shares, and tweets but it won’t build your credibility, your authority or your business like they claim it will.

FACT: Getting your own, unique and fresh, visual content ready in rapid time has become an industry WIDE problem.

You may lack the creative, technical and design ability to craft the perfect visual so opportunities pass you by every day to cash in.

Or… you may have the assistant, copywriter, designer or web developer that sticks you on a Ferris wheel, drives you insane for weeks, nothing to show for or … later figured it wasn’t unique?

The World’s #1 Artificial Intelligent Designer & Social Media Automation software that transforms how you create, publish, post and share amazing quality, professional-level visuals, instantly.

A smart software that empowers non-designers with high converting and highly engaging content faster than ever before.

Stunning and attention-grabbing visual content that’s designed for you and your brand automatically, so you can attract, engage and convert your leads into sales and paying customers!

Pixamattic WILL Work For YOU And Create 1000’s Of Designs In
All Shapes & Sizes For THIS Week, NEXT Week, NEXT Month & More… Your NEW Employee
Guarantees To Work 24/7 WITHOUT Food Or Toilet Breaks!

Software Millionaire

  • Software is a tool that fuels industries, sustains small businesses and becomes an essential ingredients in the success or the failure of your marketing. In order for businesses to reach their full potential, their software must be able to scale and to meet the daily, monthly and yearly goals of the business. Software is so important in the future of business that:
  • Software Company made Bill Gates The Richest Man in the world for a very long time
  • Apple Is Software Company Worth Nearly A Trillion Dollars…
  • You as an entrepreneur can only imagine What You Can Do With Your Own Software Business…

Everyone Needs and Uses Software

I always want to try software before I suggest it to anyone because there is so mush inferior software out there. Some software is just duplicated over and over again. We try to find that software that is original and does exactly what it claims to do.

Your software product that you can sell And Make Money From…$$$
****Choose the product that you promote as an affiliate.
***They come complete with all the marketing materials you need.
***They come with the funnel and the training you need to earn money..

The Business In A Box

Click Here to Discover the Miracle of Artificial Intelligence in Your Marketing & Your Business in a Box

Make Money As An Affiliate – on ClickBank, JVZoo & W+

ClickBank is a
Leading Global Retailer
and Affiliate Marketplace
ClickBank is a leading global retailer with its own affiliate marketplace. We enable you to grow with unlimited scale.

Grow your sales with the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace.
Discover and shop for innovative products.
Find top-performing products to promote.
Learn how to make money online with courses in performance marketing.

Low Cost Internet Advertising Solutions

Get  OmniBlaster (Over $35,000 in Development)
The Worlds #1 ‘All-in-One’ Marketing Platform That Helps Convert 3X MORE Visitors Into Buyers And Drive More Sales by Combining eMail with SMS and Voice broadcasting. All from one platform.
Here’s the Sales Page where this exact offer is selling for a premium amount

The internet has become an effective medium for advertising. It is preferred by consumers and businesses for the effectiveness of its online shopping and getting the word out for business endeavors. Unlike any other media, like television, radio and print, internet advertising solutions with its low cost has become widely used.

Due to the considerable growth internet users and because of the inexpensive internet advertising solutions, online marketing has more capability for multimedia subject matter. Online marketing offers multi-media experiences for its creators and users. The advertisers could produce logos, moving banners, animated and 3d imagery. With these in hand, advertisers mix these forms to produce successful and low cost internet advertising solutions.

Not only does an affordable internet advertising solution serve as a communication station, it also assists in an effortless system for transaction and distribution. This is the only medium that could help people do business within a short period of time.

With just one click and a money-saving internet advertising solution, shoppers could get all the information they need by visiting any web site. The businessman could obtain the services he needs. The company is happy doing business with their clients. The clients are happy doing business in the comfort of their homes.

Unlike meeting in person, wherein time and money could be wasted, the low cost internet advertising solutions benefits the company in which the services and products are receiving sales. Plus, it also benefits the consumers who receive comfort and satisfaction guaranteed.

Inexpensive internet advertising solutions are able to lead other advertising medium because they were developed to be interactive. When a consumer reads and clicks on a web advertisement, it is easier and more convenient to respond or inquire with e-mail and business reply cards. Unlike other advertisings, low cost internet advertising solutions’ ability to answer feed backs in real time enables the companies to reply, resolves complaints and answer inquiries.

Internet advertising solutions provide a low cost and effective resolution for attracting targeted, high quality customers. This low cost internet advertising solution also provides web site publishers with a prospect to generate advertising revenue from their unsold marketing inventory.

Conventional advertising could never be replaced. However, because of developments in the technology, people prefer their services online. With low cost internet advertising solutions present, the consumers, companies, advertisers and even the common people’s lives have been given a deserving contentment.

Making Money with Articles: Becoming an Affiliate

If you can either write articles or have the promotion and marketing knowledge to publicize articles that others write, becoming an affiliate for several companies may be a great way for you to generate a good income right from your own home. You can do this by receiving part of the revenue off of sales that the company gets from people who “click through” from your website via the company’s links that are placed on your pages.

Since you will be promoting a product or service, you will need a killer sales pitch and website content to get your readers interested in the product, convince them that they cannot live without the product, and to keep them coming back to your website time and time again for more recommendations and your useful content, which will get them clicking on your links once again. Although many affiliate companies only give you money off of the first sale you make from each customer, you have the option of promoting a good range of companies so that you can still make a profit off of your returning customers.

If you cannot write this kind of content of your own, there are many ways to pick up free or paid content to place on your affiliate website. There are many reasons why paying for such articles would be to your advantage. First, you will be able to tell the writer exactly what you want, what product you are trying to sell, and what direction they can go in to keep your readers interested and informed. On the other hand, when you search for free content, you are limited to what is already out there. Secondly, you will own the copyright to this content. That means that no one else can reuse it without your consent. If you opt for free content, you will be sharing that content with an unknown amount of other affiliate websites, plus the original author will be able to place their byline at the bottom of the article which could result in them stealing your traffic.

There are many products that have nice affiliate commission rates for those who know how to pre-sale their product and deliver click through customers who are ready to buy. As long as you choose to promote a product or service that can be very useful to a wide variety of people, then pre-selling your chosen company may not be that hard at all. The key in this situation may likely be getting those customers to your website so that they have a chance to see your recommendations and click on your affiliate links.

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Making Money with Articles: Niche Websites

Choosing a good niche subject to base your website around is one of the most important aspects of making money off of your articles. This will give you a foundation to build from and you can target one general audience with a pack of keywords that they are most likely to be searching for. You should take each one of these keywords and use it for the basis of one article on each page. This way, even though you are targeting one specific subject, you will be sure to interest a wide variety of people in that one niche. They may also find other pages that interest them, which will keep them returning to your site to learn new information about the niche subject.

The best way to find keywords for your niche subject is to use a keyword software program and type in the word that is the subject of your niche. This will generate a list of keywords or phrases that contain your niche and will also show you approximately how many people search for each word or phrase. Some software programs may also tell you how many sites are out there to compete with for each word or phrase (this will help you know if those sites are worth competing with for the number of searches out there). You then deicide which of these would be most profitable by determining which have the least amount of competitors, so that you have a chance at making it to the first or second page of search engine results, but that also have a decent amount of people looking for that keyword or phrase each month. These will be the keywords or phrases that you will base the pages of your niche site on.

If there are a number of topics that you like, pick the one that you feel would be easiest to start with and then, once that site is built and generating some revenue, you can start another site. The most profitable website marketers, who use their talent of finding niches and combining that with good site content and a handful of affiliate links, have a good amount and variety of niche sites that they have started. You are never limited in what you can do with niche website marketing, unless you find out that you do not have the marketing skills or the needed funding to make it happen. Otherwise, the sky is the limit!

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Affiliate Marketing

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Promote and sell other people’s product. This process is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based advertising method where businesses pay a commission on conversions to an affiliate. Essentially, an affiliate earns money by promoting and selling other people’s products, just without holding any stock, having to fulfill orders, or deal with customer services.
Sales are tracked via affiliate links to enable commissions to be calculated.

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