Million Dollar method

Start with any product or service that sells for at least $200.00

Of course we recommend Press1Cash Explosive. See it here

We then purchase 256 million opportunity Seekers Cell Phone Number from

Optin Mobile Business Opportunity Seekers and Buyers

Cell phone numbers of people interested in making money

Mobile Cell Phone Numbers Bizopps Business Opporunity Buyers Seekers

Includes 3 Contact Points
Name, Postal Address, Phone, Email, Date/Time, IP

276 Million USA ALL Cell Phone Numbers

The Most Reliable Cell Phone Numbers
of American Consumers

ACTUAL HEADER = first name, last name, address, city, county, state, zip, phone, carrier, gender, ethnicity, ownrent, latitude, longitude * Not every field is complete on each record.

Mobile Cell Phone Numbers, Leads, Databases,


>  Under 30 days – (14-28 days) $800 per million – 5 million minimum

>  3-6 months old – $700 per million

>  6-12 months – $600 per million – 10 million – $3500

Fully Unlimited Ringless Voicemail Messages

  •  Send Unlimited non-nuisance Voicemail Drops™
  •  Free use of our U.S. Mobile / Land line Scrubbing
  •  Free use of our U.S. National DNC List Scrub
  •  Free Real-time Recordings of your Dropped Voice mails
  •  Unrestricted Delivery Times
  •  Unrestricted Delivery Days
  •  Unrestricted Free Live U.S. Based Support
  •  Unrestricted Free Full API Access
  • AND
  • You also get full use of Unlimited Text Massaging, Unlimited Voice Broad casts, Unlimited Live Transfers, and Unlimited IVR Surveys at no extra charge!

Incentive Marketing

We Use Incentive Marketing to Boost Response Rates

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