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Incentive marketing has succeeded for years as a powerful promotional tool. However, until recently, startup costs proved prohibitive to all but the Fortune 500 companies.

Through the Internet, Creative Marketing Incentive Group, Inc. has pioneered an affordable delivery method, allowing businesses to enhance marketing promotions through top quality incentives. While your business remains an exclusive member of Creative

Marketing Incentive Group, Inc., your customers will take advantage of our fantastic incentives. Your clients will enjoy outstanding getaways and exceptional service while participating in our program. Our promotions and quality customer service boost your business, building long-term relationships with loyal customers and employees. —————————————- http://www.creativemarketingincentive…

Your customers will receive $25 off their bill at any of our participating restaurants. We currently feature thousands of participating restaurants, nationwide.

Go to to view participating restaurants in your area. Incentive Marketing Tips – Learn how to create incentives that are impossible to refuse:

http://www.creativemarketingincentive… Advertising Incentives Boost response rates from your existing ads by adding one extra tagline: “

Call for a Free Quote and receive a Three Day Two Night Hotel Stay Certificate to Las Vegas or 50 + other popular destinations, No Purchase Necessary.”

Imagine how many more leads you could generate. Sales Incentives Now that you have generated the lead, try enticing a prospect with an upgrade and offer them Two Nights Plus Airfare if they purchase today.

There are so many ways to clinch a deal by offering our incentives as a reward in your closing question. Residual Business Incentives Contact all your past clients and offer them a 2 Night Bahama Cruise as a customer loyalty gesture to motivate repeat business!

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