Incentive Marketing +Text Messaging

SMS marketing (aka Text message marketing) is a great way to get instant visibility from your loyal followers and customers. The question is, how do you best take advantage of text message marketing so you are truly adding value and not being annoying? Let’s talk about how to do this.

Step 1 – Decide what information you want to text. This is key. Think of your text campaigns as content to create eager and a loyall followers and customers.

What do these prospective customer really want or need? Is it hot deals, such as with an eCommerce store or Restaurant? Some individuals are just looking for important news/alerts/updates, such as with a exercise class schedule or even the changes or snow closure reports?

Maybe it’s to help capture online reviews, such as a painter of other contractors who want an online review after a job is finished.,

What kind of deals can you send on slow days or at the end of the month to help you reach your sales goals? Write them down!

Step 2 – Once you understand what kind of messages you’d like to send and when, think about how you’ll build your subscriber list. We recommend posting how to join your list everywhere your customers are:

Also make sure your team asks your clients to do this! The more that opt-in and the bigger your list, the better results you’ll get!

Step 3 – Sign up for an SMS marketing tool build for small business that’s easy to use and has the support you need to do things like build your campaigns, segment your lists into different buckets, and more. There are lots of these tools out there, including Marketing 360®’s easy to use SMS marketing software!…

Step 4 – Set up your account, get your short code and opt-in keyword, create your campaigns, and start to build your subscribers lists! Create an automated message that gives new subscribers some form of value instantly, such as an instant coupon or offer! Make sure your messages are 140 characters or less.

Use URL shorteners (like ) to link to offers or landing pages with more info. Also dynamically pull in the user’s name if possible to make it more personal.

If you use YouTube links in your message, it will actually pull the entire video into your text message directly!

Step 5 – Keep track of your subscriber growth, make changes to your opt-in campaigns if needed so you’re seeing good growth. Without a list to text there is no value! So it all starts there.

Step 6 – Send your messages at the right time when you feel your users are ready to take action. Remember, text is real time and 97% of subscribers see it within 1-15 minutes.

So send the message when you feel they are most ready to take action, such as just before lunch for a restaurant or in the evening shopping time for an eCommerce store.

Step 7 – Send ONLY the most valuable content and don’t over do it! If you do this, you’ll see few users opt-out and more list growth. Plus, you build a positive brand experience. Only text what you say you’re going to text.

  • in-store signs
  • social media
  • Email blasts
  • Your website, etc..

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