How McDonalds’ Uses SMS

McDonald’s and many other fast food restaurants have figured out that when creating a promotion, it’s best to put “the deal” first, then follow the deal with the “deal qualifiers”. What does that mean? For example, in the Arby’s promotion above, they’re advertising for consumers to receive a “Free! BBQ Bacon Cheddar Roast Burger”. That’s the deal, and it’s a pretty catchy deal if you ask me! But wait… there’s still a “deal qualifier”, and in the Arby’s example, that’s the fact that you only receive the deal, “with any soft drink purchase”. So for a consumer to get the free burger, they must purchase a soft drink.

How does this information help you increase redemption rates of your SMS promotions? What we’ve found over the last eight years at Tatango, is even though most marketers are aware that leading with “the deal” generates the most interest in a promotion, for some reason this logic goes out the window when it comes to creating a text message promotion. It’s also especially important with SMS promotions, because it’s very common for handsets to only show the first few lines of text in a preview of the message. If a customer is only seeing the first few lines of your SMS promotion, it’s critical that you show them the deal in those few lines, not the deal qualifier. Let me show you the difference…

Starts W/Deal: “McDonalds: Get one FREE double cheese burger when you purchase any…”

Ends W/Deal: “Mcdonald’s: Purchase any large soft drink after 5PM on Friday and get one…”

Even though the content of both SMS promotions above are identical, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the SMS promotion that started with the deal would have a much higher redemption rate than the promotion ending with the deal. That’s it, pretty simple, but you can see that using what McDonald’s already knows, could easily increase the redemption rates on your next SMS promotion.

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