Benefits of Email

Benefits of Email

It’s long-form
When it comes to business communication, we sometimes have to relay complex information or write lengthy emails to make sure we’re covering all of our bases. Although there’s immense value in concise communication, sometimes long-form emails are unavoidable.

You can add attachments
Although you can always send screenshots or pictures of documents through text, it’s sometimes easier and more practical to send multi-page documents through email. It’s also sometime necessary to send attachments through emails, so recipients can save the documents directly on their computers or forward on to other people.

You can reach many people at once
Email mass marketing is commonplace in business communication. It’s an easy way to blast many people at once with the same message. We firmly believe texting should be reserved for conversations, not mass marketing. Email is the best vehicle for this type of communication.


It’s associated with spam
Along with mass email marketing comes the negative connotation of spam. Although certain regulations are in place to protect consumers from an inundation of spam, not all senders adhere. Most consumers are used to tuning out emails from brands or people they don’t know because they’ve been conditioned to assume they’re advertisements or junk. Given this, email has a much lower open rate than text messages.

It’s more formal
We often feel compelled to insert a formal greeting or signature when writing an email. Email, by nature, isn’t conducive to quick conversations. It’s often used to convey information rather than create dialogue. It also doesn’t foster back-and-forth banter the same way texting or phone calls do because it’s not as immediate. Unfortunately, this means you often lose that personal touch.

It often requires extra resources
When companies send emails – especially as marketing tools – they usually need to be branded and designed, which requires resources like designers and/or HTML coders. Although it provides an opportunity to tell a visual story, it also means it will take longer and cost more to get your message out.

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