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Affiliate Bots 2 – Take A Closer Look

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Affiliate Bots 2

Affiliate Bots 2 is a product that has gotten a lot of attention lately, as it seems many affiliate marketers are using it to their advantage. But what is it, and is it as good as they claim?

Affiliate Bots 2 is a set of 37 automated “bots” which helps you in virtually every area of your internet marketing. These bots help you get traffic, convert the traffic, and can automatically setup a website.

In addition, these bots make it far easier for you to create YouTube videos that are designed to push traffic to your online website and drive conversions.

Combination Marketing

Affiliate Bots 2 isn’t just a collection of unrelated bots designed to be used individually, though they can and are used that way by some marketers. However, Affiliate Bots 2 is also a system, made with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step design, to make collecting profits relatively easy. The first step is to choose from one of many profitable affiliate programs. You’ll be given details on which Affiliate Programs have worked for successful marketers. There’s also a list of products which pay over $100 in commissions per sale, and more. Their bots help you sift through the many affiliate programs on major affiliate networks to find the ones you’re looking for.

Having a website and an affiliate product to promote of course isn’t enough. You also need to be able to turn casual visitors into eager buyers. Affiliate Bots 2 helps you to do this via what it calls “web widgets”. All you actually have to do, is paste one single line of code on your website. Its algorithm will segregate visitors into various different categories so they can see unique marketing messages designed to convert. For example, the artificial intelligence can identify likely buyers, as well as returning visitors, or visitors who’ve been on the site for a certain amount of time.

Last but not least is step 3, which focuses on generating traffic, which is of course a mandatory piece to any online marketing machine. There’s the PPC & Display “spy tool” which allows you to see what’s working for other big advertisers. You’re also going to be able to view the estimated value of traffic for websites, as well as estimates for aged domain names, which in some cases are offered dirt cheap. You’ll also be able to find sites with exclusive affiliate programs not accessible to most people through the major networks. You can even find sites relevant to your products which use AdSense, allowing you to buy traffic from these sites.


Affiliate Bots 2 definitely has a lot to offer. The system is made to be very user-friendly so even people who’re new to marketing and haven’t made any money can get a lot of value from it. The product doesn’t pitch itself as being a get-rich-quick scheme, and it certainly isn’t, but if used correctly, could boost someone’s income from affiliate marketing. It also comes with a couple of “bonus bots” such as one which offers a ton of resources related to Private Label Rights (PLR) products, such as tools and plugins, as well as a free auto-mailer software, saving you a ton of money on services like Aweber or Constant Contact. Definitely worth looking into if you want to earn more from affiliate marketing.

Visit the official website for the lowest price

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