Who We Are/Contact Us

GinJoSu Webservices is la homebased business located in Sacramento, CA.

Virginia Sanders (Gina Sands) is a writer, former corporate trainer and entrepreneur living in Sacramento CA.  She is the Creative Director of GinJoSu Web Services (named for Gina , Jozette, & Suzette Evans) is a newly certified media marketing agency. The mission of GinJoSu Web Services is to provide the same synergistic effective approach to online marketing used by the Fortune 500 companies to the empower and enhance the financial security of the struggling online entrepeneur  Check out our Social Media Social Blitz  http://www.ezcashz.com/ Social Media Blitz.

She heads a team of 3 writers and interns Gina is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies for small business’s social media sites.

If you need to reachus you can email me directly at Instantcashzee@gmail.com You may also submit a helpdesk ticket at http://funmouse.freshdesk.com/helpdesk. Alternatively you can contact us on

help desk is https://GinJoSuWebServices.supportsystem.com/, an address for both end-users and your support staff.