I Avoided the $49,997.00 Fortune Builder Program: But I Learned about Financial Freedom

I attended the Fortune Builder’s Workshop sponsored by by Than Merrill’s company. Than Merrill was the star of “Flip This House”. I knew from the onset that there would be an upsell program. We paid only $100.00 to attend the 3-day workshop so I was sure there would be the inevitable upsell.

But, I was NOT ready for the $30,000-$50,000 options that were presented in the grueling 3 day 9 hours per day sell-a-thon. However, their methodology is the best I have seen in my years of attending, going to and trying various methods to find the gold at the end of the opportunity rainbow.

In spite of their sometimes dubious mind control techniques like

  • limited breaks between the sessions
  • Continuous references to losers vs. winner
  • The famous “having a system reference
  • 9-hour sessions

There were some nuggets of good financial advice and some concentrated efforts to get the attendees to look within themselves for their success.

Some of the most important items that I took away from the 3-day workshop are:

1.  You Must Have a System for Success

The moderator of the workshop called their system the McDonald’s of House Flipping. This indicated that their program was more like a well-oiled franchise than a training seminar. In fact, once the moderator took us through the software and processes that they used in the “Fortune Builder’s Mastery Program” at the $49,997.00 price tag; I was convinced that he was right. They had created an almost flawless risk-free system for making money flipping houses. So the next step for me as an entrepreneur was to either find a system for online marketing that was as solid or create a like system for my business. But the bottom line is you must have a solid step by step system in place to achieve your goals. There can be no haphazard happenstance marketing, traffic generation, making sales issues in a well-oiled, well defined system that creates income

2. You Must Create 3-Types of Income to Achieve Financial Freedom

The 3 types of income include:

1.  Instant Cash– The instant cash part I had discovered since I run a Social Media Blitz Program that promotes instant cash programs online. I knew how to do this one. But, the moderator explained, as well I had become aware that instant cash program, just like Flipping Houses is temporary. You have to take that income and create passive income.My


Instant cash , also called cashflow in a brick & mortar business is critical to the ongoing success of any business online or offline.  Having access to readu cash, disposalable income will insure the long-term viability of any endeavor.

2.  Passive Income – This one had had me stumped until I found Trafficwave.net which is kind of like a 401K that you pay into on a monthly basis and use the leverage of a 3×10 matrix to get your income to $88,567.00 a month. The passive income from Fortune Builders included buying rental properties, apartment Houses and living off the income. Of course they had a formula for purchasing these with a guaranteed income.  For online marketers, Trafficwave.net offers the best ROI for your investment of only $17.95 per month.  There is a top pay out of $88,567.00 which insure financial security ofr almost anyone.  It is not a quick fix for an income emergency but it is a well-thought out program for long-term financial health for you and your family.

3.  Interest IncomeYou achieve this level of financial success by using the money you make from the Passive income to invest in high yielding projects. Of course, they wanted you to invest in hard money loans @ 15% interest on your money which is a great return in today’s market. From the internet marketer’s point of view, I haven’t found a source for this one as yet. I am not sure I feel comfortable with that. Although buying tax lien properties which can produce up to 25% interest on your money might seem feasible as my Trafficwave.net account produces more passive income.

4.  Automate Your Business Activities: “If your business is not automated, you are dead in the water you will soon have no business”. This is a direct quote from the moderator at our 3-day workshop. This statement hit a homerun for me because I love software and the amazing results that you can achieve with it. Automation is your best employee and does not call off sick. He actually got into the online arena when he talked about the need for autoresponders and social media marketing, being consistent with your marketing. He spoke about how they send out 25,000 post cards per month to motivated sellers and utilize a CRM (infusion soft) to manage their leads. He was in familiar territory. I suggested that they use Trafficwave.net as a form of income for their participants and also as a retirement income provider for little costs. He promised me he would look into it. (Ha!) But if you haven’t automated your marketing, start today.

The Fortune Builder’s Mastery Program, although expensive from my standpoint, would be well worth the money if I was ready to go to that level. No, I do not think it is a scam. It is a well-oiled money-making machine with all the necessary components for success. A person who signs up for the program can take 6 employees to the training. There is a 24-month on-demand coaching, deal reviews and a lot more for the money. While my interest in the program was valid, it just was not for me and my family at this time. I will continue working on my online marketing business, creating the necessary components to make it the business that I need for my financial security.

==============================================================Virginia Sanders (Gina Sands) is a writer, former corporate trainer and entrepreneur living in Sacramento CA. She is the Creative Director of GinJoSu Web Services (named for Gina , Jozette, & Suzette Evans) is a newly certified media marketing agency. The mission of GinJoSu Web Services is to provide the same synergistic effective approach to online marketing used by the Fortune 500 companies to the empower and enhance the financial security of the struggling online entrepreneurs  Check out our Social Media Marketing Blitz  =