Why I Love Network Marketing

Why I Love Instant Cash Programs


People often ask me why I promote low costs “quick Cash Programs.  My answer is simple – I love instant gratification.  I want to be able to see my money as soon as I work for it.  The cash is a sign of accomplishment. I love  marketing these programs because I know at the end of the day, my PayPal account will have a positive alance.

I can almost predict with the use of some analytics, how many people will sign up for my free giveaways and how many people will actually join the programs..  I especiallyprefer the 1-up and 2-up programs because these types ofprograms encourage cooperation between people who would otherwise be competiting with each other.

These programs, although controversial encourage teamwork to make the dream work.  The more money you help others make in these programs, the more money, you as the referrer will make. “Imagine referring your friends to a movie you really enjoyed and the movie theater paying you a commission every time your referrals bought tickets.”

Then, I go on to say, “Now imagine the people you referred start doing the same thing. They can get commissions every time their referrals buy movie tickets. AND … since you are the one who showed them how to do it, you get a little bit of commission, too.”

And that is one of the reasons I love 1Up and 2 Up Programs.  The reality is that you can make more money using these programs than you will promoting traditional MLM Programs.  . It really is pretty simple to understand. There can be more complicated systems available, but thes programs are simple and straghforward.

You only pay for the program one time, there are no trial periods or monthly requirements.  You pay once and can promote and get paid from these programs into infinity.  I also love the idea that I can decide my income. I can earn as much as I want depending on my level of commitment to advertising these programs to the end consumer.  You as the referral coordinator can increase your income and the income of those yu refer by being consistent and dilligent.

We all know that in a traditional job you re paid an hourly wage or a salary and you have virtually zero chance of making that income go up at your will.  The only way to earn more money is to take on more hours if you can, put in overtime if you can, or take on another job. Not exactly a liberating way to build income and create  financial freedom.

The one draw back to the instant cash programs is that there is no promise of residual income.  Now, a very valuable lesson that I learned when I attended the Fortune Builders’ workshop is that to assure your financial freedom, you need 3-types of income. The three types of income include:

  1. Instant Cash (Social Media Blitz Provides that for my followers
  2. Passive Income (Residual Income) (We Suggest Traffic Wave.net (Earn up to $88,567.00/month
  3. Interest Income (Buy Rental Property)

Using our Instant Cash Program with Traffic Wave.net is the best forumla we have found to create the financial Freedom that many of us seek.  There is financial power in residual income. Much like a songwriter or author who gets paid for years  after the work is done, Trafficwav.net allows you to create residual income for the costs of a Pizza ($17.95/month) with the possibility of earning $88,576.00/month.   Once you attain a certain level that money just that keeps coming in month after month, year after year, long after the original work has been done.  There is one member of Trafficwave.net  that has died but his family collects his 5 figure income month after month.  Now That’s power