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How to Get A 4300% Return-On Your-Investment With The Social Media Traffic Blitz


Gina Sands here from The Boomerang Network and i am going to share with you an action game plan that will guarantee a whooping 4300% Return-On-Investment when you join our Social Media Marketing Blitz.

Then when you finish your 6 months of Free Advertising you can continue to gather leads and make sales and earn money on every marketing campaign you run (this means you generate $44 for every $1 spent) … you can apply this strategy in your own online business, or operate as an agency by helping other small online business owners scale up their ROI.

Before I show you my Million Dollar  action game plan that will guarantee you a huge 4300% ROI, let me make this clear upfront… you will need to get join these programs so you can get access to our  powerful Social Media Marketing Blitz that will enable you achieve these results:




MLM- Recruit on Demand

My $1.00 Business (Free for 30 days)


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Each of the programs we suggest provides you a vital component ifor your long-term marketing-income generation goals. Each of these programs have proven themselves to be reliable and they pay you instant cash so that you can fund your online business or other personal obligations.

We will show you how to combine these programs  to start generating 4300% ROI on your campaigns or HUGE passive income of up to $6500 – $88.567.00/month operating as an independent contractor or you can build your own Social Media Blitz Agency!


Now, lets get down to the business of the day…


I call this my Million Dollar a year game plan.  You will see why when you see the Trafficwave PayPlan.  This action game plan involves several steps but at the end it is a traditional marketing method that has been used for years to sell any product or offer but it comes with a twist… So, without wasting your time here is what i am talking about:


This action game plan is simply a method that will promote the Social Media Traffic Blitz to millions of individuals monthly who are struggling to make money online.  We offer the solution.  It is a fact that the reason you are not making the money you need and deserve is because you are not able to get enough people to see your offer and respond to it.


The whole purpose of the Social Media Marketing Blitz is to use free and paid traffic to leverage the power of the Internet and the instant cash programs that we offer into ongoing sustainable income for every member.

We also introduce as an alternate autoresponder for our members because it offers us the chance to share the emails that we generate and provide the Free software to incentivize new prospects to opt into our lists.

When you join the Social Media Traffic Blitz, your total costs to join each of the programs and to pay the set-up fee is $85.00 if you already belong to one of the programs listed, that is fine, you don’t have to rejoin but you will have to pay the $10.00, $20.00, or $15.00 for that program to assure that we don’t lose money by promoting for you.

(For instance if you already belong to the Enviralizer program, you will pay the admin fee of $20.00 directly to , the same for Easycash4ads will be $10.00, or MLMROD will be $15.00.  The money you pay in this way provides money to paid for paid ads for each of the 100 individuals that we promote for.)


We suggest that you join Gorilla  Marketing Pro

so that your URL can be rotated within our system.


We also suggest that you join DualSqueeze pages

This program will build your email list exponentially.  And its Free.  I use The Social Media Blitz Website as your secondary webpage.  (Click on the Link to see how really genuisus this program is) This way you are leveraging 2 programs as one. And getting leads and sales all day long.

Once you are verified as a pmember for these programs, we will clone the Social Media Blitz Website with your links. This is the reason we can only take on 100 individuals at one time.  Once your link is in rotation we start additional promoting for you.

We have used and discarded a number of supposedly real traffic programs and have decided on the ones you see on this page.  Each month we go in and send a minimum of 1 million emails for our group.  These emails will direct people to our rotator.

These are the Traffic Resources We Use (Click to See)

In addition, we will activate a massive social traffic blitz that involves posting daily to the 7 top Social media platforms, these leads will be shared equally.  When you receive these leads it is your responsibility to start sending them the emails that we have designed specifically to get people in your referral network.  We have created a total of 52 email messages within that you can start sending these leads as soon as you receive them.

HOW WE Pay For This Massive Advertising

We put our money where our promises are.  We pool the money from your subscriptions and payments from the instant cash programs we promote and buy the very best advertsing for your dollar.  Yes that means that you are getting hundreds of dollars worth of advertising for pennies on the dollar becasue we are pool your money and our profits to purchase it.  It is a win-win situation becausewith the Boomerang Theory, the more money we hlep you make, the more money we make.

If you are not able to follow through on this part of the process, please let us know, we may be able to get you a virtual assistant that we help you keep your leads coming each week.


In addition, the leads that you receive from MLMROD will have 100 seasoned MLM marketers for you to market to.  The downside of MLMROD is that they want you to call these leads.  We are arranging a discount service at MLM Leads to call these leads so that each month you can receive an additional 100 leads. As a result you can receive an endless supply of leads for your program.


Our intention is to convert a large number of these leads into your referral sales. We intend to convert as many website visitors into email subscribers while you use a series of email messages to turn them into loyal customers that will buy any offer or product you recommend




WE still consider Email Marketing as the BEST way to communicate with your customers and also the best way to maximize your ROI on ANY marketing campaign…


At the end of your six-month Free Advertising Period, we expect that each member will have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers in their lists.  To obtain the income we describe in The Social Media Marketing Blitz, you only need 100 paid referrals.  However, it has also been proven that an average of $44 is generated from every $1 spent on email marketing…