Amazing Press1Cash Incentives

With so many programs online the promise the world, it is important to distinguish our offering from all the others. So with that in mind we are offering New Paid Members of our Flagship Product Press1 Cash the following incentives when they sign up for Press1Cash within the next 30 days.

276 Million USA ALL Cell Phone Numbers

The Most Reliable Cell Phone Numbers of American Consumers

ACTUAL HEADER = first name, last name, address, city, county, state, zip, phone, carrier, gender, ethnicity, ownrent, latitude, longitude * Not every field is complete on each record.

Receive 10,000 RVM (Ringless Voicemail Messages)

Fast & Easy Ringless Voicemail Marketing, 3X Higher Open Rates Than Traditional Marketing

Real all about Ringless Voicemail technology and how it can explode your business. We subscribe to Stratics Unlimited Voicemail Drops to deliver to you the leads and sales that you need.


Inventors of Ringless Voicemail Drops

Insert Ringless Voicemail Drops directly into mobile/landline phones WITHOUT ever making a call!

Join Press1Cash & We will send 10,000 RVM Messages for you

RVM’s delivered for you). If the individual does not receive at least 10 signups from this RVM. We will send until the individual has received at least 10 signups = $2,000Ability to offer our incentives to their list for 30 days.

Call This Number 9168273446

The true beauty of Press1Cash is that it can help anyone build any business, but it can also be a business itself with $200 for you for every sale. We recommend using it both ways. Call This Number 9168273446

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Ability to Offer Travel Incentives to Your list for 30-days

Choice of travel destinations

We use the incentives like Purchase Press1Cash and receive a 2 night hotel stay certificate in Las Vegas!” OR receive a 1 night hotel stay certificate in San Diego or Atlantic City!

Make sure that you make it clear to them that if they buy from your company, they will be rewarded with 6 nights of Luxury Resort Accommodations in the destination of their choice in Mexico, a $300 Dining Certificate, or even a 5 Day Hawaii Hotel Stay! Use any one of our certificates to entice customers to do business with your business. Depending on your price points, use offers that don’t seem to good to be true for what they are spending with your business. Keep it realistic and believable. In other words if you are selling $99 ticket items, use only the 1 Night or 2 Night Hotel Certificates or even a $25 Restaurant Gift Certificate instead of offering them a 7 Night Resort Certificate which could come off as “Too good to be true”.

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