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Quick Pay Programs!

Earn A Quick $6,200 – We’ll show you How

Quick Pay Paypal Cash programs are the best and easiest way to earn money online.  These programss providethe momentum to fund your advertising activities.   These programs are even more exciting when you use Social Media Marketing to introduce these programs to the Millions of people online struggling to earn income.

With our instant cash programs that we promote for you you simply join a program that pays QUICK COMMISSIONS, start promoting, and as soon as you make a sale, you get paid INSTANTLY…direct to your PayPal or Payza Account .

When we get a referral for you in these INSTANT PAY program, the money is paid to you directly from the person who joined your program. The Admin of the program never sees or touches your money.

Below are the Instant Pay programs that we use to get money into your Paypal Account  These programs can earn money EVERY SINGLE DAY!

We use the best Lead Magnets online to get new referrals, signups and sales into The Soxial Media Blitz Family.  We believe that by giving away Valuable Software – Our Efforts are Returned 10 fold.

Fill out the form below to get on my Boomerang List, and YOU will be receive valuable software to help in our marketing efforts.  We notify you of the best automation software that you can resell in your business. We TEST New Programs/Software with My Money and My Time, and YOU Reap the Benefits!  Sign Up Now


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 You can’t make  online if you can’t get  to your offer!


Let  Automated technology work for you as your best employee.  Automation allows  you to  live a life of prosperity known only to a few… And have
A way to build 4, 5, 6 or more streams of automatic income promoting just one program

Earn $250. $500. $1,000 Per Referral Giving Businesses What

They Need to Succeed (The 1 Up Wonder Program)

Our Mission is to Help 100 Families Earn Life Changing Income

We Help Each Member Get 100 Referrals in each of the Instant PayPal Cash Programs Listed Below




Enviralizer – Earn $20.00 Per Referral = $2,000

Why You Should Join Enviralizer

PROS: Enviralizer is  a great cash-generating program that provides some of the best online training in marketing and specifically Social Media Marketing.

CONS: Beware joining other hight priced programs that are reccomended for marketing.  I tried many of these programs and they just take your money.   When you are first starting out you need reliable lead generating system that will earn you money not take your money.  People don’t join a $20.00 program and then pay $200/+ a month to market it.  Join our Social Media Blitz to find the best low cost ways to get your money flowing.


MLM Recruit on Demand Earn $15.00 – $100.00 Per Referral

100 x $15.00 = $1,500100 x $100 = $10,000

New Program with MLMRod That will Explode Your Lead Generation & Your Income


PROS: Great way to get 100 seasoned professional in your referral loop Quick pay plan puts money directly into your account

CONS: Requires you to actually call your referrals which causes some problems for many new marketers.  We use MLM.com to call the recruits for you so that you can get an ongoing amount of leads.

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EasyCash4Ads Pays $10.00 Per Referral 100 x $10.00 = $1,000

Why You Need to Join EasyCash4Ads

PROS: Great money getting program.  Low cost and quick

CONS: The monthly gift is usually outdated and not necessaily the best type of program to try to sell online when you have the JVZOO affiliates selling TOP Notch state of the art programs

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My $1.00 Business:  Turn $20.00 Into $2,000/month

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Software Silver Club

Make $9.95 Instant PayPal Cash Over and Over!

Software Silver Club is a very Simple Instant Pay program. You just make a one-time payment of $9.95 for some awesome software products.

Believe it or not, you will get a Brand New Software Product EVERY MONTH – even though it’s only a one-time payment of $9.95!

These are great software products that you can really use, and you can then join their free reseller program and make $9.95 INSTANT PayPal CASH over and over again!

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After you join any of these Instant/Fast Pay Programs,
to get TONS of Traffic to Your Website NOW!

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